Reveal® is a breakthrough software solution that creates a self-optimizing plant environment by automatically exposing sources of process variation to plant floor personnel in real-time, empowering them to deploy corrective action before defects occur.

By leveraging available plant data, Reveal® monitors the manufacturing value stream 24/7 and alerts key personnel of excessive process variation which causes defective product (scrap and rework), and costs manufacturers millions of dollars annually.

Trumble Inc is dedicated to advancing the manufacturing industry and has designed Reveal® to provide OEM plants and their suppliers with real-time process visibility. As a result, Reveal® is extremely agile, architected to accommodate the largest OEM and Tier 1 factories with our Enterprise solution, and smaller Tier 2 and 3 suppliers with our Cloud solution.

Regardless of IT maturity, Reveal® changes the plant culture from reactive to proactive; from identifying and containing defects to preventing defects from occurring.

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