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Do IT Solutions Really Provide Industry 4.0 Factory Control?

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Do IT Solutions Really Provides Industry 4.0 Factory Control?

Digital Transformation

The question that is repeatably asked, “Do IT Solutions Really Provide Industry 4.0 Factory Control?” The next-level factory will be characterized by an industrial intelligence powered by what most refer to as an Industry 4.0 solution.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) in factories comes in many flavors, all promising breakthroughs in manufacturing efficiency, quality and productivity, making it extremely difficult for manufacturers to determine which IT solution to invest in.

There are three fundamental things to consider when pondering which solution is right for your company.  First, ask does it enable proactive factory control?  Or asked another way, does it prevent disruptions to the manufacturing process?  Second, ask does it provide real-time performance indicators?  And thirdly, does it address the issue of plant adoption?

Unfortunately, traditional factory information system software solutions do not answer these three requirements.

Proactive control requires two functions; the ability to detect emerging issues before they disrupt the process and an automated communication function capable of delivering information early enough to allow time for preventive action.

Real-time performance indicators mean no data-mining or knowledge of statistics is required.  True Industry 4.0 solutions do the data-mining and analytics continuously in the background and displays results in real-time visualization formats for any operation instantly with a simple mouse-click.  That means real-time performance indicators now.

Plant Adoption means the Industry 4.0 solution comes with a clear, executable strategy ensuring a successful transition from traditional reactive factory control to digitally driven next-level proactive factory control.

Fortunately, there are IT solutions that really do provide Industry 4.0 Factory Control meeting the three fundamentals outlined above that have been and will continue to drive manufacturing to the next-level factory of industrial intelligence powered by artificial Intelligence (AI).

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