Case Studies


OEM Engine Block Machining

Customer saved more than $1 million a month with the elimination of air freight. The customer savings were further compounded by increased throughput, massive quality gain, reduction of scrap and rework and improved engagement of the plant floor personnel.


The customer was consistently unable to meet production targets. To make up for missed targets the customer was spending an additional $1 million a month on air freight with no visibility of production data until well after losses had occurred with little to no engagement of operators on the floor.


Installed REVEAL PFI™ which identified processes with excesses scrap and rework as the primary constraints to throughput. REVEAL simultaneously monitored 1,000’s of stations characteristics on the worst line identifying root cause.


Real-time monitors for variability and percent rejects increased visibility and engagement of plant floor personnel tapping previously unseen data. Real-time notifications before loss incurred removed the need for air freight within the first 30 days. Customer saw a return on investment in first 60 days.

"Operating without REVEAL is like driving with your eyes closed"

- OEM Plant manager

OEM Engine plant

Crank went from 73% FTT to 95% FTT, from worst in division to first!


Massive losses in scrap and rework with incredibly low first-time yield at 73%. No root cause visibility for line rejects requiring hours upon hours of investigation by engineering team after and during loss. No correlation of parts from rough process to finish process resulting in further wasted effort. Little to no engagement from plant floor operators.


REVEAL Enterprise level software installed for real-time trending of 32 CNC machines and 3 inline gage allowing proactive control for the first time in plant history.  Installed line of sight screens for monitoring on the plant floor.


REVEAL real-time trend analysis communicated alerts to operator’s allowing instantaneous problem solving on the plant floor. Return on investment was delivered within the first 60 days.  Cranks went from the worst in the powertrain division to the first!

"Existing systems are not available to the plant floor and never will be. REVEAL is live; It's now!"

- oem production manager

Tier-One Supplier

Client was on the verge of losing its largest contract. Client was dealing with excessive scrap losing 36% of its production without the means to determine the root cause of the problem. REVEAL’s patented auto-regression feature immediately identified (2) critical characteristics at the casting operation as the root cause of balance operation failures.  Client then took corrective actions and implemented REVEALs’ real-time alerts preventing further losses from occurring saving clients most lucrative contract.


Client’s Customer was seeking another supplier because client was unable to meet production demand.


REVEAL Enterprise Software with factory AI deployed, monitored the entire manufacturing stream 24/7, identifying root cause of 36% scrap rate by correlating to upstream operations.


Increased FTQ from 67% to 97% FTQ, increased JPH from 42 to 60 and 25% improvement in uptime saving them $Millions of dollars annually plus ability to earn more business. REVEAL identified the (2) characteristics that were the root of the scrap; Through real-time wireless alerts plant personnel were able to take corrective action to prevent loss. By implementing REVEAL, we saw a return on investment immediately and saved the contract with our customer.

"No one is doing this!"

- Plant manager